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It is your time

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We are each allocated 24hours each day. No more and no less and each of us can decide how we want to use those hours. But at the end of 24 hours another day is gone and hopefully it would be a day worth looking back at, and not just another “fade to grey” day.

Many calculations have been made in the past about how much time, money and energy companies spend, looking for documents or information. The point has been proven over and over again, that if you manage your information well, you will be able to make the right decision at the right time and the ripple effect is endless.


Still it seems that many companies and individuals don’t take this serious and the CEO or Financial Manager of a company may have the latest notepad, or Iphone or other communication gadget because it is so important for him to be contactable. Yet to get that same CEO or Financial Manager to take the control of his documents and information seriously is an uphill battle.

Mr CEO it doesn’t matter if your customer can get hold of you, but you don’t have access to your information. You are unable to give him the feedback or the update he requires, so you have just cost him money in a wasted phone call.

Document and Information management should be at the core of the business and not an afterthought. Scan your documents, make high quality images available to your customers online and ensure the security of that information.

Use well trained Document Controllers that understand that the most important information about your business is captured in the documents they handle. Many companies use the lowest skilled people to be in charge of their information or documents, with the surprising result (SIC) that the information is not where it should be.

Usually when an important document goes missing, it takes an army of individuals, days to search in every nook and cranny. They will try to trace it back to its origins and the blame game will start with a vengeance. Who had it last, who was supposed to file it, who gave it to whom to put it where?

If a simple process is designed, implemented, enforced and monitored regularly, something like this is unlikely to happen. Everybody will know exactly what is expected from them and the breakdown in the process can be traced to a specific person and the moment accountability is assigned, people take responsibility more serious.

How much of the 24 hours you have allocated for today would you like to spend in search of something that could potentially cost your company millions?

I would guess “None.” If that is indeed correct, maybe it is time to do things differently.

Today will surely end at 24:00 tonight, and tomorrow will start. Will you start your new day where you ended yesterday, by looking for the same missing document – or are you going to start looking for a way to avoid this in future?

It is your time, waste it or use it.

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