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Our software division provides software designed to improve business performance.  This falls under two broad categories:

Document scanning software

Software is an integral part of the scanning solution and is essential for ensuring quality of the scanned images, and getting the most out of the scanning hardware.  High volume and production scanning environments are dependent upon the software to provide quality control and workflow servicees to the scanning operation.   Our software is designed to work with the scanners, and is capable of supporting high-volume production scanning environments of millions of images a month.

Business Intelligence

Allscan is a proud supplier of Intuitive software, and industry leading suite of Business Intelligence dashboard products.  Designed for providing insight into mission-critical applications, Intuitive provides businesses with access to up-to-date information about business processes.   In addition, the software provides an intuitive method of drilling down to deeper and deeper levels of business information, and provides access to the documents needed to make business decisions.

Compression software

Document images are resource intensive, so Allscan have developed skills in document compression, and utilise the award winning Crisp software compression technology.  The vPDF format enables delivery of high resolution, full colour images in the smallest file sized PDF files achievable anywhere in the world, for the same price that other scanning companies charge to deliver in black and white!

This combination of document scanning software and best-of-breed compression, make the Allscan software services unique in the South African industry.

In conjunction with our Consulting division, Allscan sells and implements leading edge software solutions.



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