vPDF Compression

vPDF Compression (3)

vPDF is a unique PDF compression and conversion technology developed and owned by Versis. Using the latest in image compression technology and image segmentation techniques, vPDF makes the most compact, Web-Enabled (i.e. enabled for fast web view) PDF files available.

vPDF will compress typical black and white scans by a factor of 5-10x and colour scans by a factor of 10-100x depending on content.

Example: vPDF will take a 300dpi colour scanned page saved as an uncompressed TIF from 25Mb to a 45Kb PDF with no visual loss.

Or...Take an existing standard PDF and reduce it's file size by 10 times without any visual loss.

The resulting compressed PDF is a STANDARD PDF and can be used, modified, read and edited by all PDF Readers and Editors.

vPDF combines image processing, OCR, advanced PDF compression,  options settings, web-optimization and encryption all in one step.

With vPDF there is no need for any additional plug-ins or viewers as the output is in the industry standard Adobe PDF format (just a lot smaller in file size! ) and can be viewed by Adobe Reader v6 and upwards.

The resulting PDFs created by the vPDF process can be used and treated like any normal PDF. (e.g. add notes, OCR, add push pins, secure, digital signatures etc..)

You simply convert and compress your documents using vPDF software and immediately you save disk space, bandwidth, time and money.


Sit vPDF Server Encoder on any machine, set up jobs to watch any number of folder locations and the encoder will automatically compresses and convert all incoming PDF and/or TIFF files into the smallest PDF files possible anywhere with any product.

vPDF Server Encoder can be run on a server or any networked PC. OCR capability is built in and the software has features to auto-delete or move the original and output files to other folders. Output PDFs are saved to industry standard PDF format ......just much smaller.


  • Instant opening PDFs due to the Web Enabled featured added at compression time.    
  • dramatically improved download and transmission times averaging 10x faster.    
  • 90% savings on disk space usage.  
  • 90% less bandwidth and network overhead usage.    
  • files are 100% standard and the PDFs are BS PD0008 and 0009 compliant (i.e. admissible in court)    
  • 10 X improved work efficiency for staff because 10 X faster file access means 10 X faster working which means a business cost saving on the time spent for staff waiting for and using files.    
  • OCR text giving searchable and editable text content.



  • Whether you need to scan all your invoices, clients' documents, your incoming mail, contracts, PODs etc. etc. the scanning process has never been easier with Scan Station. And now with vPDF compression technology built in you can scan everything in colour at such a tiny file size that you can now share your scanned documents with anyone via email.
  • With Scan Station you can scan to PDF, TIFF or super compressed PDF (using vPDF) formats with a 'One-Click' scanning button for every client or project. Your documents will be scanned instantly and easily to your pre-defined location in perfect quality with NO manual intervention required! Even file naming is automatically done for you if you so wish.
  • With Scan Desktop you can scan to vPDF (i.e. super compressed PDF) format with a 'One-Click' scanning button for every client or project. Your documents will be scanned instantly and easily to your pre-defined location in perfect quality with NO manual intervention required! Scan Desktop is the simplest scanning solution available anywhere; even simpler than Scan Station because it has less options in the profile button setup.
  • Just stick the paper into any scanner, click the predefined button for that particular Client or Project (for example) and you are done. You can have 100% confidence that your document has been scanned perfectly to look just like the original and it will be saved where you want it to be (i.e. in the predefined folder for that Client or Project) and it will be named just as you want and expect it to be.
  • When you scan in paper you can even automatically have emails sent with the scanned images as attachments, for example: to automatically and instantly get postal mail to staff in electronic format! - simply click the repsective button and the scanned images are emailed to that person (and saved in their repective folder). No more need to hand out paper mail to members of staff.
  • You have nothing to learn - just install Scan Station and start using it with your scanner immediately! Forget trying to work out how to use complicated and tedious imaging software, there is no need anymore.  If you want to be able to scan your paper so the images look their best and automatically get those images saved onto your computer or into your network folders with the least fuss and hassle, then Scan Station is the answer. Scan Station does not need to scan your files into a database; it will scan into your existing folder structure anywhere on your local machine or network.
  • OCR: Scan Station and DocSmart have OCR technology built in.
  • vPDF images are OCR'd by Scan Station and Scan Desktop.
  • TIFF images are OCR'd by DocSmart
  • To instantly retrieve and preview your scanned images by searching the text in the image (i.e. the text on the scanned pages) and/or perform filename searches, then simply use DocSmart


  • Save a lot of time: put in paper, click the button and walk away    
  • Easy to use: nothing to learn or think about, just one click    
  • Realize your scanning expectations    
  • Increased user and scanner productivity and performance    
  • Free yourself from frustration with using baffling imaging products    
  • Instantly get your paper into electronic format and onto your computer systems    
  • Save money: get performance better than the expensive ‘High End’ Doc’ Management systems    
  • Never look back; you will be using your scanner daily and hassle free    
  • Better and more efficient than any other scanning process available    
  • Reclaim your office space    
  • Unique product - Scan Station works with any Flatbed or Document Feeder scanner that uses twain drivers.


    The vPDF Desktop Encoder combines the functionality of Adobe’s PDF format with the powerful compression technology of vPDF – allowing you to convert existing files into super compressed, perceptually lossless PDF files which are, on average, 10x smaller than normal PDF files.

    With the Desktop Encoder you can convert and compress single files, batches of files or complete folders of PDF or TIF files. All with built in OCR.

    The vPDF encoding process, speed, file size and PDF quality cannot be matched by any other product. Simply convert your files using the vPDF Desktop Encoder and open them up with the free industry standard Adobe viewer.


    files will be 10 X faster to send/transmit/copy/move/save etc.

    files will use a tenth of your disk space.

    files will use a tenth of your network/Internet/Intranet bandwidth.

    web enabled so the PDF opens (streams) immediately over the Internet or network no matter how many pages it has or how large it is.

    10 X improved work efficiency for staff because 10 X faster file access   means 10 X faster working which means a business cost saving on the time spent   for staff waiting for and using files.

    OCR text giving searchable and editable text content.

     files will be backed up 10 X faster. files will use a tenth of your Broadband data allowance when sent over   the Internet files will be sent over the Internet 10 X faster  you can send 10 files rather than just 1 in an email attachment No special software is required to view/edit/use the compressed PDFs,   TIFFs and JPEGs.  The files are 100% standard and the PDFs are BS PD0008 and 0009   compliant (i.e. admissible in court) and you can have PDF/a output. Financial Example of   Benefit: - If a member of staff saves just 30 minutes    using, opening, saving files per day then the business will save   £4000 per month (based on 27 staff at £15 per hour rate, 9am to 5pm, 5   days per week)

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