Allscan Trading launches the Intuitive Dashboard to South Africa

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logoOn 26 June 2012, Allscan Trading officially launched the Intuitive Dashboards, the advanced dashboard solution from Intuitive Business Intelligence, a UK-based software author. As a totally new solution for the South African corporate market, the prestigious launch event included a live presentation of this powerful dashboard technology from co-Founder and Director of Intuitive Business Intelligence, Roger Stocker.

Intuitive_dashboardAttendees at the launch completed a short questionnaire which revealed a set of common interests to assist in demonstrating the ease of use of Intuitive Dashboards. After Mr. Stocker’s short presentation, data gathered from the questionnaire was displayed to the attendees, with the results speaking volumes.

Intuitive Dashboards empowers users to create a highly-graphical, consolidated dashboard view of key business data, based on the metrics and KPI’s that matter most to their business. Users receive proactive alerts to potential shortfalls in performance which allows fast, corrective steps to be taken to avoid any negative impact on the business. With just a few quick mouse-clicks, users can instantly drill-down to the underlying data to identify the root cause of issues, irrespective of where the core data resides. Intuitive Dashboards also flags positive trends and opportunities, so the organisation can maximize business potential, efficiencies and profitability.

Why is there such a large

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Unlike traditional business intelligence (BI) software, Intuitive Dashboards is very intuitive, extremely easy-to-use and highly configurable. For example, existing spreadsheets and other legacy data systems, such as Finance, HR, CRM and Sales, are quickly and easily accessed from a single dashboard view, presenting key management information and aiding faster, more accurate business insight. In fact, Intuitive Dashboards can be implemented in days rather than months, swiftly delivering rapid business benefits.

After the presentation of Intuitive Dashboards, well-known economist, Dawie Roodt from the Efficient Group, gave the attendees an interesting perspective on the global economic situation and how it will impact businesses in emerging markets like South Africa. In very simple terms Dawie described the current issues with the Euro, the financial situation of Greece, fiscal overspending in the USA and the rapid developments in emerging markets of Africa, China and India.

 At the beginning of the financial crises in 2008 for instance, our fiscal debt levels were at just over 20% relative to the size of our economy while many countries in Europe had debt levels approaching 100% or in some instances even exceeding this threshold. Put simply, we could easily borrow more, they couldn’t.

But alas, our economy also entered a brief recession albeit briefly compared to many others. Nevertheless, the boom years of the early nineties are clearly over for now. Economic growth is and will remain lackluster for some time still. But herein lays the opportunity. While our economic performance remains below potential, the policy responses of the authorities are likely to remain accommodative. That means, interest rates will remain low and while taxes will continue to be increased, a significant increase in the tax burden is likely to be postponed until there is more proof of a sustainable economic recover. This is the best possible environment for an entrepreneur.

From the information Roodt gave to the attendees, it became clear that real-time information is crucial and making relevant and accurate information visible to senior managers and business leaders will impact on the future growth and planning of any business. With the continuing pressures on the global economy, the launch of Intuitive Dashboards in South Africa could not be more timely and pertinent, as business leaders strive to achieve efficiencies, enhance profitability and stay ahead of the competition.

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