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Now available with select Xerox® DocuMate® scanners.

Product Details

Diamond Vision is an all-inclusive scanning solution that provides powerful production level image and data capture. An ideal product for scanning service bureaus, centralised scanning departments within large corporations, or companies looking to convert a large backlog of files; Diamond Vision offers unlimited scanning with no per click charges, automated data capture options, and un­matched reporting and auditing tools.

The Answer for High-Volume Image and Data Capture

Diamond Vision software streamlines the conversion of paper to searchable electronic files saving customers time and money. The software interface provides users with a set of efficient modules that separate the scanning, quality control, indexing, and exporting processes into independent tasks that can be performed simultaneously by different users; yet allows for centralised management of the entire process.

Diamond Vision includes image enhancement features, editing tools and time saving shortcuts that make the scanning and quality control processes fast and accurate. The built-in reporting tool allows managers to track productivity and profitability automatically, eliminating the manual log process. Additional data capture options allow users to easily setup recognition templates for typed text, barcodes, handwriting, checkboxes and more - resulting in the most accurate data extraction and electronic files that are easy to find and retrieve. Once extracted, Diamond Vision is able to push the images and data into any document management or file sharing system.

With all of these tools and features working together, Diamond Vision effectively transforms the scanning process into an assembly line that can be tailored to specific needs and carefully managed to maximise efficiency and manage costs through the paper elimination journey.

Xerox® Scanners

Offices looking for a complete, affordable, document capture system need to search no further. The combination of a Xerox® DocuMate® scanner with Diamond Vision creates a full-featured document and data capture solution. Diamond Vision Enterprise Edition software is currently bundled with the following Xerox scanners: Xerox® DocuMate® 4799, 4790, 5445, 5460, 4760, and 4830.

Key Features

$1·    Microsoft SQL Architecture

$1·    Managed User Restrictions and Access

$1·    Centralised Batch Directory

$1·    Twain and ISIS Driver Scanning

$1·    Post Scanning Cleanup Options in Addition to Compatibility with Scan time Cleanup Software

$1·    Multipage Zone Recognition Templates: OCR, ICR, OMR, MICR, 1 D/2D Barcode, Data Matrix

$1·    Database Index Lookup: SQL, Access, Excel, Text File

$1·    Offsite Indexing Module

$1·    Reporting Module for Tracking Productivity and Profitability. SAP Crystal Reports Included.

$1·    Batch Recovery, Index Recovery, Document Recovery System Export Scripts Created for any DMS

Diamond Vision Software Highlights

 Batch Directory

Manage batches. See what stage they currently are at. Monitor who is working on each batch.

Scan Module

Unlimited scanning from every workstation. Scan from any TWAIN driver source.

Quality Control Module

Review pages in single page or thumbnail view: rotate pages, replace pages, add pages, rearrange order of pages, combine & split documents, delete pages. Hotkey shortcuts on the keyboard for all functions. On the fly image cleanup options.

Zone Barcode and OCR Module

1 D and 2D barcode recognition. OCR and OMR zoning. Smart zone feature for advanced form recognition. MICR, OMR, and ICR recognition engines also included.

Index Module

Index documents manually with key from image indexing. Convenient database lookup feature. Easy to use quick zone OCR feature. Format index fields with different options: select list, date format, number fields, character limits, default values.

Export Module

Export documents to TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, GIF and BMP. Export documents directly into any document management system with a custom built direct upload script, or send the documents to a shared folder on the network. Automatically create folder structures and title documents based on values from the index fields.

Full Text OCR

Export documents with full text OCR for TIFF and PDF files to make the documents searchable based on the content of the document.

Reporting Tool

Track productivity and profitability and run reports based on client profiles, user profiles and modules. Store costs and revenues for automatic tracking based on time logs kept as users work in Diamond Vision.

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