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The vPDF Desktop Encoder combines the functionality of Adobe’s PDF format with the powerful compression technology of vPDF – allowing you to convert existing files into super compressed, perceptually lossless PDF files which are, on average, 10x smaller than normal PDF files.

With the Desktop Encoder you can convert and compress single files, batches of files or complete folders of PDF or TIF files. All with built in OCR.

The vPDF encoding process, speed, file size and PDF quality cannot be matched by any other product. Simply convert your files using the vPDF Desktop Encoder and open them up with the free industry standard Adobe viewer.


files will be 10 X faster to send/transmit/copy/move/save etc.

files will use a tenth of your disk space.

files will use a tenth of your network/Internet/Intranet bandwidth.

web enabled so the PDF opens (streams) immediately over the Internet or network no matter how many pages it has or how large it is.

10 X improved work efficiency for staff because 10 X faster file access   means 10 X faster working which means a business cost saving on the time spent   for staff waiting for and using files.

OCR text giving searchable and editable text content.

 files will be backed up 10 X faster. files will use a tenth of your Broadband data allowance when sent over   the Internet files will be sent over the Internet 10 X faster  you can send 10 files rather than just 1 in an email attachment No special software is required to view/edit/use the compressed PDFs,   TIFFs and JPEGs.  The files are 100% standard and the PDFs are BS PD0008 and 0009   compliant (i.e. admissible in court) and you can have PDF/a output. Financial Example of   Benefit: - If a member of staff saves just 30 minutes    using, opening, saving files per day then the business will save   £4000 per month (based on 27 staff at £15 per hour rate, 9am to 5pm, 5   days per week)

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